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April 7, 2021  

Welcome back to The Weekly Rapture, our fortnightly pop culture news and reviews podcast!

Big news

We talked about the new release plans for Black Widow and the trailer for The Suicide Squad!

Screentime - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

We review the first couple of episodes of the new Marvel Studios series on Disney+!

Now Playing - Reading/Watching/Playing
Adam - The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates, A Desolation Called Peace (Teixcalaan #2) by Arkady Martine/Zack Snyder's Justice League on Sky/Marvel's Avengers and Demon's Souls on Playstation 5

Ian - Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie, A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time #7) by Robert Jordan, The Liar's Dictionary by Eley Williams, Harrow the Ninth (Locked Tomb #2) by Tamsyn Muir, and The Unbroken by C.L. Clark/The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou/Baldur's Gate III on PC and Warhammer 30K on a table or something

Also, Ian has a book coming out!


An action-packed fantasy adventure kicking off an epic new trilogy. Brutal juntas and animist gods- protect, fight, destroy!

Pre-order on Amazon here.

Or order from UK outlets below. Or call up your favourite indie bookshop! 

Foyles - 

Waterstones - 

WHSmith - 

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