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First up some great NEWS! We are now proudly sponsored by Mierce Miniatures! We are super happy that our first sponsors are such an easy company to promote. Do you like great models and great customer service? Of course you do! With the 1st edition rules out for their own game, Darklands, now is a great time to check these guys out. Their range also has lots of amazing models you can sub in for AOS. I’m using their new Jute range for my Death army. So head to

We have a gore soaked episode today as Gary and Andy cover The Flesh Eater Courts Battletome . They also discuss Warhammer Fest, Silver Tower & the audio dramas. Also, Gary tries ASMR on Games Workshop, let’s hope they are listening.

Chris Tomlin still has a few tickets for Reign Of Stars, a great one day charity event in Weymouth. 




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