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January 16, 2015  

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PewPewPew mother truckers! That's right, we are back! After one game of 6th edition we decided we'd mastered the game and stopped playing. Now with 7th edition is out and rawking our socks off we have decided to take the plunge back into the wonderful shooty game of 40k. 

In this episode Gary, Chris, Aaron and Jan talk about why they are getting back into the game and with which factions. They also discuss the Tale itself and the campaign we will be playing. They also talk about how you can join in with our fun. 

As ever this is an explicit podcast, so only adult adult ears please! 

We are very happy to be sponsored by the fabulous Element Games, you can find all the deals we talk about on their site just click here

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If you'd like to catch the EXTREMELY EXPLICIT first series then you can here;

Tale of 40k gamers series 1:


Talking points: benedict wong's drink of choice, sexual Jan, ball predator, element games deals, new "honey I shrunk the kids" proposal", Aaron's big announcement, Jan hates no faces, pink squigs, tau cock Dom, clinical Aaron, Jan's infinity gauntlet, Q&A, Jan cheats to win, fighty Aaron, worst battle reports ever, house keeping. 

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