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Welcome back to The Weekly Rapture, brought to you by The Lost Lighthouse.

This week we chatted about the Captain America: Civil War trailer, the Batman Vs. Superman teaser (the rather spoilery trailer was released after we recorded), Marvel's Secret Wars delays and Kevin Bacon returning to Tremors, while Gary cuts off entire news segments and Adam remembers Kevin Bacon is actually a good actor.

Gary in 60 seconds was ''Pacific Rim', with Gary attempting to take on kaiju and jaegers in under a minute. Keep an eye on twitter for the poll for next time!
This week's main talking point was Jessica Jones, the new dark superhero TV show from Marvel and Netflix. We talk about what we liked (a lot), what we didn't (not much) and how it all fits in the MCU. It's light on spoilers, but if you're worried about finding out anything at all before you watch it then you can skip the second half of the podcast from 32 minutes in, and listen later to see if you agree with us!

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