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March 27, 2014  

Buenos dias ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to The Weekly Rapture, brought to you by The Lost Lighthouse. This week we discuss our first experiences with the Playstation 4, the pretty decent looking Days of Future Past trailer that hit this week and briefly mention the TMNT trailer (spoiler, it is just like every other trailer you have ever been underwhelmed by). We recorded this episode yesterday morning, hence the general level of disinterest, mumbling and pointlessness (even more so than usual!).

Our main talking point this week was virtual reality gaming, including the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, our thoughts on the future of the technology, and the concept of a virtual reality sexual encounter with Zuckerberg.

If you have any thoughts. questions or opinions anything this week you can as always get in touch through Facebook or on Twitter @lost_lighthouse, email us at or sound off in the 'leave a reply' box at the bottom of the podcast page on the website.


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