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Welcome back to The Weekly Rapture, brought to you by The Lost Lighthouse.

This week we chat the cast of Thor: Ragnorok and the latest re-jigging happening in the DC cinematic universe, while Gary gets attacked by his cat again and Adam complains about losing TV shows he likes.

We had two main talking points this week (you lucky people!). First up, we give our thoughts on the pilot episode of Preacher that aired this week. We talk about it from around 16-24 minutes. It's pretty light on spoilers, but if you're particularly trying to avoid them then skip this bit!

Our second main talking point was X-Men: Apocalypse, with Adam chatting to the Total Reroll DM Ian about this latest instalment in Fox's X-Men movie universe. We talk about it from 24-52 minutes and again it isn't spoiler heavy but there are a few things that may come up so you have been warned! 
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