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April 8, 2014  
Hello again folks, and welcome back to The Weekly Rapture, brought to you by The Lost Lighthouse. This week we had a rare chance to record in the same room, so enjoy the slightly better audio quality! We chat about how Marvel have films scheduled for beyond the apocalypse, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, crap comic book shops, and Cosmic Encounters. Gary imagines a motorbike is interfering with the podcast, and Adam reveals to nobody's surprise that he is probably a drunk. We forgot to come up with a main talking point this week, so expect even more rambling and pointlessness than ever before!
If you have any thoughts. questions or opinions anything this week you can as always get in touch through Facebook or on Twitter @lost_lighthouse, email us or sound off in the 'leave a reply' box at the bottom of the podcast page on the website.
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