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August 5, 2014  
Welcome one and all to 'The Tabletop Project'. This is the first, and possibly last, episode of a new podcast from The Lost Lighthouse. Don't worry your sweaty breeches, this will not replace or conflict with The (not)Weekly Rapture. 

This is a new podcast hosted by Gary and some of his close tabletop gaming friends Chris Tomlin, Jan Proudly, Joe Hadfield and Aaron Bailey. We decided their was a gap in the market for a gaming podcast, as no one has done one of those right? Well I've never heard of another one. We will be discussing everything tabletop based and also going on many a tangent along the way. 

This episode we introduce ourselves and talk about MCC, Warmachine and Hordes, Netrunner, Dropzone Commander and a few GW things. We have decided that from episode 2 we will have one 'main' subject, and few secondary ones. 

Hope you enjoy the 'cast and if you didn't, please don't stop listening to the normal transmission! 


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