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Welcome back to Total Reroll, our Dungeons and Dragons podcast! Adam has been playing some some good old fashioned D&D with some friends in London, except it isn't old fashioned because it's 5th edition. Our DM Ian has been running us through the 'Hoard of the Dragon Queen' storyline, and we picked up a few sessions in with our first episode (we decided to record a bit late, but you can check out some of the previous sessions in Adam's write ups that start here).

This week we take a quick breather after our season one finale spectacular, and look back on the first season of Total Reroll. Ian the DM, Adam (Red) and Stuart (Carnicula) ramble on about how things have gone, and our overall thoughts on Hoard of the Dragon Queen as an adventure and how well it played. We'll be back in two weeks time for the start of Season Two and the next section of the Tyranny of Dragons storyline - Rise of Tiamat.

If you've enjoyed this first season of Total Reroll, please share it and tweet about it! Have any feedback, favourite characters or fan art, please email us at, tweet us @lost_lighthouse or get in touch via our Facebook!

Intro and outro music was 'Welcome to the Knife Party' by TeknoAXE

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