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Welcome to Season 2 of Total Reroll, our Dungeons and Dragons podcast! Adam has been playing some some good old fashioned D&D with some friends in London, except it isn't old fashioned because it's 5th edition. After finishing 'Hoard of the Dragon Queen', we've moved on with the same characters to 'Rise of Tiamat', the second part of the Tyranny of Dragons storyline. You can find a mega-post of all of the Season 1 content here and all of Season 2 so far here.

Bad news! As we said on twitter last week, Adam's computer decided to have a fatal hard disk crash because it was hungry or something, and after a few days of trying various different fixes, unfortunately we had to accept that the audio for the season finale was lost. Which sucks. 

To make up for it, the closest thing to a solution we could figure out was this week's episode - a round table recap and discussion of what happened in that session, how the fight against Tiamat played out and how the story wrapped up. Join Adam (Red), Ian (the DM), Kirsty (Dariah), Ed (Nausicaa) and Abi (Amber) for a chat about the Rise of Tiamat, in what is at least as exhilarating an experience as hearing us actually play!

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Our intro and outro music is 'Acid Splash' by Rich Thomson.


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