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Welcome to Total Reroll Equinox, our new actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast! We've started in a brand new world created by our DM Ian, with new characters (but returning players from our previous game!), so join us in the world of Saugin as we explore (or try to explore) the land of TarTiir!

The gang is in the Tomb of the Tabaxi King, and they have just defeated the Tabaxi King himself, or a mummified version of him anyway. This week they find out a little more about the threat that faces the world, while trying to loot the entire tomb.
Sorry for the poor sound quality this week. Some idiot (me) accidentally unplugged the microphone and didn't realise until we had stopped playing, so the whole thing was recorded on a laptop mic. You can still hear everyone, but the background noise isn't great. Couldn't cut it without making the rest unlistenable. It shouldn't be too bad though. Hope you enjoy it anyway!
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Our intro and outro music is 'Welcome to TarTiir' by Ed Curry.
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