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Welcome to Total Reroll Equinox, our new actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast! We've started in a brand new world created by our DM Ian, with new characters (but returning players from our previous game!), so join us in the world of Saugin as we explore (or try to explore) the land of TarTiir!

This week is the start of our second story arc, 'Haunting at Dead Water'. The vigilante group known as The Blue Opal have presented Shep, Ragnar, Pity, Jyoti, Badger and Mary the opportunity to leave the town of Venture to get away from the wererats who may be irritated that the gang has killed one of their members. They've been tasked with investigating strange goings on in the town of Dead Water, which doesn't sound ominous at all. Enjoy!
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Our intro and outro music is 'Welcome to TarTiir' by Ed Curry.
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